外国人留学生宿舎入居者募集・決定について (Application for YNU International Student Housing)


* This information is for October 2020. Information for April 2021 will be posted around the beginning of January, 2020.

2020年10月入居 留学生会館の入居募集案内
Application for October 2020 occupancy of International Student House



We will accept the application for October 2020 occupancy of International Student House.

*We will not accept applications for October 2020 occupancy of Minesawa International Student Dormitory because of the new coronavirus.


In order to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection, there are necessary procedures and restrictions for entering the dormitory.
Please check the "About new coronavirus infectious disease correspondence" carefully and be sure to follow the instructions. Please be sure to check the latest information at the following URL, as the restrictions of the YNU may change depending on the situation.

【募集対象 Eligibility】





(1) International students currently enrolled at Yokohama National University as of October 1, 2020 and International students scheduled to enroll at Yokohama National University in October 2020.
And the students who have eligibility and have lived in housing, can apply for extending period of occupancy.
*Except Accredited Auditors and Auditors.

(2) Spouses of international students are eligible to reside with their spouse in units reserved for married couple students only. Spouses and children of international students are eligible to reside with his or her spouse/parent in units reserved for students with families.

Students who lived in the International Student House or Minesawa International Student Dormitory for one year and over, are not eligible for this application. However they can registar for the available rooms.
Please do not submit applications for more than one dormitory (International Student House, Ooka IR and Tokiwadai IR). If applicants for International Student House apply for Ooka IR or Tokiwadai IR before the announcement of lottery results or notice for additional occupancy, their application will be cancelled automatically.

※Please must read by "Application guideline". There are detailed explanations about Eligibility.

【書類配布方法・場所 Distribution period and how to get application forms】

July 2, 2020 through July 17, 2020

Documents can be downloaded from this website.

You can download these documents during the above period.

Please print the forms in double-sided printing.

(募集終了・参考)【募集要項】 【Application guidelines】
・ 申請書類 (1.入居申請書)  (2.貼り付用紙)
・ Forms  (1.Application form for Student Housing) (2.Attachment sheet of student ID and resident card)


You can apply without the copy of Student ID and Resident card if you are newly enrolled student in October 2020, and without Notification of Acceptance if you cannot get it within the period of application. However, you have to submit it as soon as you get it.

【提出期限・方法 Application Submission】

July 2, 2020 through July 17, 2020

Mail all the materials by post to the Student Support Division Office.

ただし,横浜国立大学の入構規制が解除されている場合に限り,学生支援係(学生センター:S5-1 2F)への直接提出および代理人による提出も可能です。
However, only when the entrance restriction of YNU is lifted, you may submit directly to the Student Support Division (at Student Center:S5-1 2F) or arrange for a proxy to submit the application on your behalf.

学生支援課学生支援係窓口*Office hour 平日 8:30-12:45, 13:45-17:00 except Saturdays and Sundays
We do not accept application forms via email.

79-8 Tokiwa-dai, Hodogaya-ward, Yokohama-city
Yokohama National University, Student Support Division, Student Support Section

【抽選結果発表 Result of lottery】

We will announce the lottery result at August 3 around 12:00pm on this web page.

Announcement of lottery result (in receipt numerical order)

Inform the Student Support Division by e-mail between August 3 and August 7 of your intention to move into International Student House, including those who are elected and intend to decline it.
E-mail address: gakusei.gakuseiアットマークを記入して下さいynu.ac.jp
Subject: application receipt number, student's name, International Student House, "notice of intention to move in"
※Please indicate in the body of the e-mail the date (should business days of the dormitory on and after October 1) you intend to pick up your key. This will be your move-in date.
※The earliest move-in date is October 1. Dormitories cannot keep your belongings before October 1 either.(The applicant who have lived in housing, it will not need to move out in September 2020.)
※The applicants who live in Ooka IR or Tokiwadai IR have to moving out by September 25. If you do not move out the residences by the designation date, you will lose the right of moving and forfeit your permission of live in International Student House.
※The Student Support Division will not reply to the email unless there is an issue of concern regarding the move-in arrangements.
(Note) Failure to inform the Student Support Division by August 7 of your intention to move into international student housing will result in forfeiture of the right to move in, and the unit will be offered to another applicant.


Regarding the waiting list
Whenever we have available rooms, we will contact from waiting number 1 by e-mail or phone call. (Until September 25)
*However, the final notice for additional occupancy is September 17 for the present residents of Minesawa International Student Dormitory and International Student House.
*In case the applicant in the waiting list would apply for Ooka IR or Tokiwadai IR before the additional occupancy notice, the application will be cancelled automatically.

【入居決定後の提出書類 Deliverables after results announcement】

Please submit the following documents to the Student Support Division before move in International Student House.

①健康診断書のコピー Copy of health check-ups certificate
-入居日から1年以内に受診したもの must be issued within the past 12 months


*If you need a form please download from here.
Health check_ups certificate(YNU designated form) : If all inspection items are included, it doesn't have to be this style.

Please submit the following documents to the Student Support Division by November 30.

②健康保険証のコピー (記号および番号を塗りつぶして提出してください)

Copy of health insurance card: Please paint out the "symbols:記号" and the "numbers:番号" and submit.

【部屋番号発表 Announcement of room number】


Please confirm your room number on September 25 around 12:00pm on this page.
Dormitories cannot receive your belongings before October 1.


Room# announcement.
*except whose who keep staying at the same room.

連絡先 Contact

学務部 学生支援課 学生支援係 Student Support Division Student Affairs Department
TEL : 045-339-3114/3134
(課外活動,遺失物・拾得物 for extracurricular activities and the lost-and-found),
 3190(学生寮,チューター for dormitories and tutors)
FAX : 045-339-3119

窓口時間 Office hours

平日 Weekdays