Q. How long does it take from the Minezawa International Student Dormitory to the university / the station / the bus stop?

It is about a 5-minute walk to the East Side Gate of University.
About 20 minutes on foot to Yokohama Municipal Subway "Mitsuzawakamicho Station"
About 25 minutes on foot to Sagami Railway "Wadamachi Station"
About 20 minutes on foot to Sagami Railway "Hazawa Yokohama-Kokudai Station"
【Bus stop】
About 10 minutes on foot to Yokohama Municipal Bus "Okazawacho Bus Stop"
About 5 minutes on foot to Yokohama Municipal Bus/Sotetsu Bus "Kokudai Chuo Bus Stop"
About 5 minutes on foot to Sotetsu Bus "Mitsuzawachi Bus Stop"

Q. Is the period of occupancy 4 years?

The period of residence is limited to no more than one year. However, an extension of no more than one year may be permitted if there is vacancy.

Q. How much is the dormitory fee and how to pay?

Boarding fee is 5,700 yen per month and Maintenance fee is 5,130 yen per month. Residents are required to pay electricity, water, and other utility fees used in their daily life.
It depends on the season and how the residents use the hot and cold water, but it seems between 15,000 yen to 20,000 yen including the boarding fee, maintenance fee and utility fee.
Please use the invoice sent from the university every month (posted to the mailbox in the dormitory) and pay at the convenience store by the end of the month. Please note that the transfer fee will be borne by you.

Q. What is a maintenance fee?

It will be used for all the dormitory students or for the common areas of the dormitory.For example, it is used for the following things.
Cleaning of common areas (corridor, shower room, shared kitchen, laundry room, stairs, mail corner, garbage storage, etc.), waxing of shared kitchen and corridor, pest control, pruning of trees, extermination of beehives, waste disposal, cleaning after moving out, etc.

Q. What kind of things are equipped in the room? Do I need rugs or curtains?

The room has bed, locker, desk, swivel chair, window shade, vanity unit, toilet (equipped with ventilation), air conditioner, TV antenna terminal, (when installing a TV, make a contract with NHK. Please do it yourself), buzzer, electrical equipment (20A capacity per room), LAN Internet (the LAN cable should be prepared by each resident), call chime, and telephone wiring.
You can use the Internet immediately by plugging the LAN cable into the modular jack and connecting it to your computer. If you use wi-fi, please purchase a wireless router individually.
Since the room is 12㎡, it is not possible to install many items. We think it is better to purchase the necessary items after moving in.
There is no carpet, so please bring one if necessary. (It is recommended to purchase after moving in.) No curtains are required as the window shades are provided.

Q. Can the refrigerator be placed in the room?

If it is small, it can be placed. In addition, there are two shared refrigerators in the shared kitchen.
Furthermore, you can rent a small refrigerator of 100 liters for private room use.
We will ask whether you want to use after you are allowed to move in. It is an individual contract with a contractor, and the rental fee is prepaid.

Q. Is it possible to put a microwave in my room?

There is one shared microwave oven in the shared kitchen, but you can also put it in your own room.
Since there is no ground wire terminal, use an earth leakage breaker, etc. In addition, since the breaker capacity of the room is 20A, it is easy for the breaker to trip when using multiple home appliances at the same time.

Q. Is there a bath in the dormitory?

There are 4 unit showers on each floor (there is no bathtub).
Hot water will come out for 10 minutes for 100 yen.
In addition, there are 6 public baths in Hodogaya Ward, but they are not near the dormitory.

Q. How do residents eat?

There is one shared kitchen on each floor, which has a sink, gas stoves, a cupboard, a gas instant water heater, and two refrigerators.
Some residents cook in the shared kitchen, while others eat in the university co-operative cafeteria.
◎Cafeteria opening hours
Cherche(CafeteriaⅠ) Mon-Fri 11:00-14:30
Cafeteria II (College of Engineering Science Cafeteria) Mon-Fri 11:00-14:30
* However, due to the influence of the new coronavirus, the opening hour is currently being shortened. In addition, opening hours may change during the spring / summer holidays. Please check on the university website.
Please check on the university website.

Q. Is there a supermarket nearby? How do residents shop for daily necessities?

There is a small supermarket near the main gate of the university.(12 minutes walk from the dorm.:map
There is a drug store near the west gate of the University.(15 minutes walk from the dorm.:map
It seems that many residents go shopping at the University Co-op or go shopping in Yokohama by bus.

Q. Can I see the room in advance?

Only possible if there are vacancies. Please contact the dormitory in advance.(045-336-2222)
* However, we cannot respond in March due to the busy season.